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Autorefractometry in children


The PlusOptix device is a portable handle autorefractometer. The unique thing about this device is that any child from 6 months of age can be examined without having to adjust to large measuring devices. The examination takes place in a second when the child looks at the device, which allows the measurement to be made in any setting without disturbing the child’s peace of mind. The valuable thing about the examination with this device is that, through a single measurement, it presents both the refractive anomalies /diopters/ and whether the child has strabismus, the size of the pupil and whether there is asymmetry between the two pupils, it shows whether the ocular media are transparent, which is of huge importance significance of congenital cataracts and diseases.

Therefore, the examination with the PlusOptix device is recommended to be done on all children from the age of 6 months for a preventive purpose, because through one examination we can acquire information about almost the entire system of the child’s eye, without the need to carry out lengthy and traumatic examinations for the children .

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