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Myopia Control


VizArt Medical Center provides you with a new, modern option for controlling myopia.

The new device provides smart monitoring and control of myopia.

Lenstar Myopia

The smart companion for myopia management

Myopia is a refractive error in which patients have poor distance vision and see at closer distances. The most common cause of myopia is a greater axial length of the eye /longer eye/. Axial length is measured using a bimeter – optical devices that measure the length of the eye without contact. By measuring the length of the eye, we judge the degree of myopia and monitor the progression of myopia accordingly.

Myopia is a global problem, the incidence of which is constantly increasing, especially in Asia and some areas of Europe and America. Currently, an average of 30% of the world’s population suffers from myopia, and by 2050, their number will increase to about 5 billion people.

Research predicts that by 2050:

4.758 billion people may be nearsighted
49.8% of the world’s population may have myopia
938 million people may have high myopia

Cases of myopia have increased significantly in recent years, and if left untreated, myopia can cause vision problems in children and can lead to eye diseases later in life as adults. Myopia is most often associated with glaucoma, cataracts, retinal detachment, and macular degeneration. This necessitates the search and validation of effective means to control the progression of myopia.

Myopia usually begins in childhood/adolescence with the complaint of impaired distance vision. Often myopic students lower their achievement. Parents notice that the child squints.

Lenstar Myopia – Cutting-edge biometrics and powerful myopia tracking and management software

Lenstar Myopia uses biometrics for precise measurements for early detection of the onset of myopia. It then uses powerful software to facilitate effective myopia management with graphical images for easy tracking and explanation during the parent/child consultation procedure.

Lenstar Myopia is based on the proven technology of the high-precision Lenstar 900 optical biometer and the corresponding EyeSuite Myopia software. It helps monitor and manage myopia through biometric data and analytical visualizations. Axial length measurement is an excellent way to predict the onset and progression of myopia because it is independent of accommodation status. In addition to precisely measuring axial length, the biometer also performs keratometry, giving us a wide range of data to monitor myopia progression and advise patients on myopia management.

EyeSuite Myopia is a compact, highly customizable, easy-to-use yet comprehensive myopia management software platform. It is designed to facilitate the education and counseling of patients and parents regarding the prevalence, causes, and consequences of myopia in children. EyeSuite Myopia is based on the latest myopia research findings in refractive progression trends, axial length growth and environmental factors. It also shows the potential impact of lifestyle on the progression of myopia to help improve treatment outcomes.

EyeSuite Myopia makes it possible to define environmental factors and their impact based on recent scientific findings and to visualize their changes during the period of myopia control. These are factors such as time spent in close work, time spent in front of electronic devices, time spent outdoors, myopic parents, age at onset of myopia. All these factors have protective and risk values for myopia. Once they are defined, the risks for the development of myopia are assessed and can be controlled and eliminated in a timely manner.

EyeSuite Myopia allows refraction input and tracking. By determining myopic refraction and its myopic progression in childhood, myopic treatment outcomes can be monitored and managed.

Graphic representation

EyeSuite’s graphics are one of its strongest points. It allows us to present to the patient the results of treatment versus untreated potential progression of myopia. This is also a good way to educate parents about the treatment provided. This report provides patients and their parents with easy-to-understand information, allowing them to actively participate in the myopia management process and agree on the appropriate treatment for their situation.

VizArt Medical Center recommends that preventive examinations of children begin at the age of 2 with measurement of the child’s refractive status. Our team of specialists recommends measuring the axial length /Biometrics/ to be done from 4-5 years of age and monitored every year. In this way, any drastic change can be quickly and promptly diagnosed and treated.

For everything related to your child’s condition, you can contact the specialists of VizArt Medical Center.

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